About us

The history of our company dates back to the 20th century when our great-grandfather Enrique Ruiz León manufactured all different types of straw goods (in Spanish: ‘aperos de esparto’) which earned him his nickname ‘Los Esparteros’ which nowadays we say with pride.

As the years went by, Enrique began to make leather goods for all types of work related to the countryside and farming and soon he was joined by his five sons Felipe, Jesús, Alfonso, Manuel and Nemesio and then the family business started to really take shape and expand.

When Enrique passed away, his sons carried on the family tradition and two new companies were founded, the first one being Felipe Ruiz e Hijos y Hnos. (Felipe Ruiz & Sons & Bros.) and Manuel Ruiz Lopez & Nemesio Ruiz Lopez, both of which continued the production of artisanal products.

In the 1970s, when machinery took over from animals on farms and in the countryside, Felipe Ruiz e hijos (Felipe Ruiz & Sons.) decided to begin specializing in leather goods for hunting and livestock. Later, it was Felipe’s children, Jesús, Nemesia, Antonio, Socorro and Enrique, who through sheer dedication brought the family business forward under the name of Hijos de Felipe Ruiz C.B, thus creating the company that is known today as Artesanía Ramirez Ruiz S.L.

Nowadays, Artesanía Ramirez Ruiz S.L is run by two of Espartero’s great-grandchildren, who maintain their artisanal origins and manufacture high quality hunting goods as it has been a part of their family for generations that span over a period of more than 100 years. Many different parts of the business got lost along the way but thanks to our wide client base we continue to strive and keep up tradition.


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